About us


Waring Investments, Inc. was founded in 1991. Owners and principals, Morris and David Spector, have successfully led Waring since its inception and have over 50 years of combined experience in the hard money loan business. They have distinguished the Company as a direct lender in the commercial-private and hard money real estate markets, providing financing for real estate loans primarily in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Waring Investments Inc. provides funding solutions for deals where traditional bank financing is difficult to obtain. Lending situations that are unconventional, with respect to the collateral and credit history of the borrowers, are our specialty. Waring provides short-term commercial real estate loans with terms up to 8 years and $200,000. The Company funds purchases and rehabilitations of non-owner-occupied residential and commercial properties. Experienced real estate investors, commercial contractors, developers and small business owners are representative of the Company’s customer base.

The Company is structured to make swift financing decisions. As a direct lender, Waring Investments, Inc. takes a common sense approach to underwriting potential loans. A thorough in-house review of all available material allows us to respond quickly to time-sensitive loans. Deadlines of expiring contracts and bank mandated short-sale restriction are accommodated. We are committed to funding approved loans in a timely fashion.

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